Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thank You HHCC!!

Thank you HHCC for the warm Welcome! On Sunday, Andrea and I went to the HHCC monthly meeting in CT. What a meeting! Andrea and I got some Great ideas and can't wait to put them in motion!

Stitches East -Oct. 24th We have 3 ladies that are going to help out, how many others are going? They Need our HELP!!! We have a request to make Chemo Hats! IF you have any please bring to the 10/14 meeting.

60/60 Challenge -Total to Date 48

Andrea: 2- 1 WIP
Debbie: 16 - 1 WIP
Regina: 10 - 1 WIP
Lois: 14 - 1 WIP
Melissa: 5- 1 WIP
Joan: 1- 1 WIP

Crocheting with Dee's - Tumble Cluster Autumn Scarf
Crochet With Dee - Is Amazing! I will be ordering the Pattern. Thanks Dee!

Margaret Hubert has a new book coming out!
Margaret Hubert Check it out! It was amazing watching her work on scarf, that she wanted finish by the end of the meeting. Oh No! She ran out of yarn! Wait, Shhh! she snatched up a small amount of yarn left over from someone else’s scarf! DARN it's not enough! OK she thought we'll make it a Hat! So she added a few mores to the scarf, working her way up she closed the scarf (looks like a tube!) I'm thinking, Now What! Suddenly, she started working the crown in the round! She finished it and with a twisted cord no less! Amazing - Wish I had my camera to get pics of this one! That's what I Call Creativity On the Run!

Great News From The Crochet Dude!
Drew is now Taping the new season of the Knit & Crochet Today Show, can't wait to see what this season will bring.

Ladies please email me with any tidbits or up coming events.
Happy Crocheting!

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  1. Are you still collecting chemo caps? If not, where I send/take them when I finish them?