Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Umbrellas Up!
(I mean)


Well, Sunday was a Success! OK A WET Success!

Did you see our rendition of Singing in the Rain! No? Oh well, you missed our Academy Award winning performance!
(I hope we never have to do that again!)

What a Fun Day! YES! We did have turn out! It was very hard to crochet or knit while holding an umbrella, but, some of us found a way! The Goody Bags were a hit especially to our 2 younger crocheters Matt and Arielle, they were tickled that there was yarn & a crochet hook!

We would like to Thank the following Supporters for their Donations to our First Stitch n Pitch;

Cari Clement - Caron Yarns -Donation of Spa yarn

Jack Blumenthal - Lion Brand - Donation of Podcast & Magnets

Cathy and her Staff - A Yarn Garden - Donation of Crochet hooks, Squares and Selling Tickets for us.

Ann and Her Staff - Village Knitter - Donation of Squares and Selling Tickets for us.

Infinity - Donation of Hats, Scarves, Squares.

Thank you so much, for you help in making this a Success!

We are now busy putting the squares together! I wonder how many blankets we will have?
While your here check out the Pics from Sunday's Stitch n Pitch!

And as most of you know it's 60/60 time! we will be posting totals on Ravelry!

I would also like to Welcome our new members!



  1. thanks for the shout out Debbie --- just want to make sure you know that I co-own the shop with Kathleen.

  2. It looks like a fun time was had by all! Congrats!!! :)

  3. Greetings....are you still meeting at Panera's Wed's at 7pm?